Sabor de Soledad Division 2nd Eliminations

The Titles Of Dr. Moreau

This week we invite you to listen to our contestants defend their favorite characters from deadly sharks, and test their knowledge of forgotten movie sequels, before piecing together some mashed up TV and movie titles à la The King and I, Tonya. Yes it’s the return to the Sabor de Soledad Division, where Anna, Chip,

Oceanic Airlines Division 1st Eliminations

The Vennding Machine

After defending the sandwich skills of their favorite characters in “My Champion,” Amanda, Lea, and Joe will test their memories of movies that share their titles with popular songs. Later, the stakes will rise as they combine their pop culture knowledge with their understanding of a deck of playing cards. Will they go all in

Delta Tau Chi Division 1st Eliminations

Marge Excitable’s Periodical Table Of Elements

Season one of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show continues onward with three players who are more than up to a challenge. Adam, Alex, and Kelly-marie brave some terrible wordplay combining their pop culture knowledge with their memory of high school chemistry in “Periodical Table of the Elements” before honing their musical ears while

Sabor de Soledad Division 1st Eliminations

I’d Buy That For A Dollar

The inaugural season of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show kicks off with our first three official eye-of-the-tiger competitive players. Marvel as Lynsey, Derek and Rachel navigate the storied history of special guest stars and cameos. Then get ready to buy ! buy! buy! when we visit those fun and fake in-universe advertisements. No

Non-Regulation Match

Apocalypse Chow

S01.E01: Apocalypse Chow

Season One Primer

Season one starts soon! Here's how it all works.

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