Season One Primer

The inaugural season of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show is about to begin! We’re excited to finally get it to you after months of planning and testing. On TGAPCQS, our listeners are also our regular season contestants so let’s take a dive into how it’s all going to work.

The Contestants

When we first started talking about what would become TGAPCQS, we knew one thing: our listeners would also be our contestants. We’re going to have some off-season matches with special guests but our season episodes are going to be played by you.

If you want to put your hat in the ring, you can apply to be a contestant right now.

The Bracket

While we are all about having fun with our games, we wanted to foster that competitive spirit that bar trivia can bring to the table. So we’re going to round up 27 contestants each season and have them fight it out for the championship and all the non-prizes.

The bracket is divided into three divisions. The players in each division choose a thematic emoji that will represent them throughout the season. In season one the divisions are:

The Sabor de Soledad division featuring contestants represented by food & drink emojis. πŸ”πŸ•πŸΊπŸ₯œ

The Delta Tau Chi division whose member contestants will be represented by animal emojis. 🐼🦩🐷🦨

The Oceanic Airlines division where members are proudly represented by a travel & places emoji of their choice. β›±βš“οΈπŸ’βœˆοΈ

The Games

Each episode will feature a variety of game formats and subject matter ranging from the straight-laced to the goofy. While you never know exactly what you’ll get in any given episode, the basic building blocks look like this:

πŸ†My Champion: We start the episode off with our one subjective element. Working inside a double-blind system, our contestants choose a character from pop culture as their champion while we here at TGAPCQS create a scenario for characters to engage with. For example: Who could best raise a barn in a single day? Is it Titus Andromedon? Frank Costanza? Al Swearengen? The contestants make their case for their champions, we judge! The winner gets to go first in round one but also gets to play for…

πŸ₯‘The Β½ Point: Answer a question related to the My Champion scenario correctly and we’ll give you The Β½ Point. Yes, it’s Β½ a point.

πŸ‘†Round One: Known internally as “Short Round,” our opening game usually means direct questions with quick answers. Usually.

βš–οΈThe Threequalizer: Don’t fret third-place contestant! We’ve got a question for you with exactly three answers. Each one you match nets you some points.

🧠Round Two: Sometimes called “The Fancy Round” when planning episodes, round two games are more involved than round one games. Contestants may be tasked with questions that need assembly, an audio game or other endeavours that go beyond Q&A.

⚑️The Lightning Round: Four punny categories to choose from. 90 seconds on the clock. The last chance for points!

πŸ₯”Very Important Potato: If the game is tied we’ll play a round of pop culture hot potato to see who takes the W.

🏠The At-Home Version: Don’t forget to stick around after the show for a pop culture riddle just for the listeners. Answer on the riddle on the site and you could win something largely meaningless but hopefully fun.