Who We Are + Contact

We all met on the Extra Hot Great podcast where Taylor was a listener, Dan contributed quizzes to that podcast’s Game Time segment, and Dave was the producer and host. Each of us loves pop culture and quizzes so we decided to Reese it up and voila, The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show!

You can contact us individually using the links below or email us all together at hello@usaquizshow.com.

Taylor ‘The Host’ Cole

Taylor enjoys playing the piano at parties. He also recites Oscar statistics aloud while exercising in order to not think about exercising. He sometimes talks about movies on G&T with Greta & Taylor.

Dan ‘Score Master’ Cassino

Dan has been haunted by this sound effect his whole life: Blee blee diddy doo doo! Blee blee diddy doo doo! Blee blee diddy doo doo! Blee blee diddy doo doo!

David T. ‘Production Master’ Cole

David has been on the internet since before time. He’s a co-founder of Television Without Pity and Extra Hot Great. He takes photos which you can see at his website.