Mac Mic Setup

This is actually pretty easy to do but we broke it all down for the sake of completeness. We go through this process because many apps like Skype, Zoom and GoTo Meeting will actually change your mics input level on the fly. Good for causal Skype calls but bad for podcasts.

In order to keep this from happening we hide the microphone inside of something called an aggregate device. Here’s how to do that:

Open Audio MIDI Setup is inside Applications > Utilities

Click the “+” in the bottom left corner and choose “Create Aggregate Device.”

Find your microphone in the list and click the checkbox in the “Use” column.

Go to “System Preferences” and then click on “Sound”

Click on the “Input” tab then select your Aggregate Device from the list.

Open Skype and from the menu bar go into “Audio & Video Settings.”

Click on “Audio & Video” in the sidebar then find the microphone section below and select “Aggregate Device” from the list and for good measure make sure “Automatically adjust microphone settings” is off.

Last thing to remember is that to adjust the recording level on the mic you go back into “System Preferences” and the “Sound” and pick the true name of your mic (not the Aggregate Device) and adjust the Input Volume there. We will fine-tune your input volume during the pre-show tech checks.