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Johannes Bassoon’s Holiday Pipe Organ Donation

Seasons Greetings, listeners!

The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show resident composer, Johannes Bassoon is here for a special holiday music game for you to play along with at home!

After making a rather large collection plate donation, he found himself with free access to his local church. He’s using his time wisely and now so will you! Guess the secular holiday tune from its church’d up pipe organ version.

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Empty Studio Special -

Non-regulation matches including exhibition matches, Empty Studio episodes, and other specials.

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Johannes Bassoon's Holiday Pipe Organ Donation

Identify church pipe organ arrangements of secular Christmas songs.

These eight simple mandates have dubious morality.
Although they're designed to control the brutality.
With the third through the eighth, we're much less well-versed.
But that second law's somehow the same as the first.

In the novel and film Fight Club, there are eight rules that Tyler creates to govern the group. They range from concerning attire, to the number of people in a fight, and length of each fight. But the only one anyone ever really quotes is the first and second rule: "You do not talk about Fight Club."

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