S01.E01: Sabor de Soledad Division 1st Eliminations

I’d Buy That For A Dollar

Bixby Synder knows a thing or two about fake pop culture advertisements.

The inaugural season of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show kicks off with our first three official eye-of-the-tiger competitive players. Marvel as Lynsey, Derek and Rachel navigate the storied history of special guest stars and cameos. Then get ready to buy ! buy! buy! when we visit those fun and fake in-universe advertisements.

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Match Info

S01.E01 -
Sabor de Soledad Division 1st Eliminations

The Sabor De Soledad Division celebrates the food and drinks in pop culture that tempt us, repulse us and make us think we are pregnant.

Quizzes Played

A Load of Bulls

Who would best lead a team to an NBA championship?

Guest In Show

Identify the guest star making an unexpected appearance on TV or in the movies.

I'd Buy That For A Dollar

Name the TV show or film from the audio of an in-universe advertisement.

Just Missed Her Heart

Questions about actor Catherine Elise Blanchett

He's Going The Distance

Questions about cake in pop culture

Apollo Creed

Questions about NASA in Pop Culture

1, 4, 10 & 13
Clues to events that were still to be seen.
In retrospect, a dire warning
For THIS CITY now in mourning

Albuquerque: On Breaking Bad, "Seven Thirty-Seven Down Over ABQ" is the prophetic sentence created from the titles of S02.E01, E04, E10 & E13. In the season finale, two airplanes collide over Albuquerque.

Episode Notes

Australia was not accepted as the correct answer during The Lightning Round because the contestant gave two answers. Only one answer is allowed.