S02.E01: The Joy Luck Division 1st Eliminations

Johannes Bassoon’s Songs in the Key of Westworld

Johannes Bassoon's Songs In The Key Of Westworld Player Piano

This week, we kick off our season two Battle of the Podcasts with special guests from Rolling Stone, Uproxx, and The Hollywood Reporter for our TV Critics Powerhouse match!

Alan Sepinwall, Daniel Fienberg, and Brian Grubb will compete in some TV trivia games to identify Westworld player piano versions of HBO theme songs, and name TV shows based on descriptions of their comic book continuations.

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S02.E01: The Firewall Iceberg TV Avalanche

  • Brian Grubb
  • Daniel Fienberg 
  • Alan Sepinwall

S02.E02: Grierson & Leitch + Walsh

  • Tim Grierson
  • William Leitch
  • Katie Walsh

S02.E03: Slate

  • Sam Adams
  • Dan Kois
  • June Thomas

S02.E04: /FilmCast

  • Jeff Cannata
  • Dave Chen
  • Devindra Hardawar

S02.E05: War Rocket Ajax

  • Benito Cereno
  • Chris Sims
  • Matt Wilson

S02.E06: Defector

  • Dan McQuade
  • Luis Paez-Pumar
  • David Roth

S02.E07: Fug Girls + Pamela Ribon

  • Heather Cocks
  • Jessica Morgan
  • Pamela Ribon

S02.E08: Pop Culture Happy Hour

  • Aisha Harris
  • Linda Holmes
  • Glen Weldon

S02.E09: Appointment Television

  • Andrew Cunningham
  • Kathryn VanArendonk
  • Margaret Willison


Match Info

S02.E01 -
The Joy Luck Division 1st Eliminations

The Joy Luck Division celebrates cultural mash-ups: the Wombats and Joy Division! Chinese-American children and their more traditional mothers! Everything is going wrong, but we're so happ-y!

Quizzes Played

We'd Say You've Had Enough

Who would best get away with having dealt it?

Johannes Bassoon's "Songs in the Key of Westworld"

Our in-house composer has Westword-ified themes from other HBO shows.

This Season Has Issues

Identify the TV show from the post-cancellation comic book continuation.

Mystery Boxer

Questions about TV shows produced by JJ Abrams.

Striking Out

Questions about TV shows that debuted in 2007, the year of the WGA strike.

It's Not TV

Questions about HBO programming.

Once long and full of style,
It got short and some spat bile.
Warners put an end to the fighting,
Said never again and put it in writing.

Felicity's Hair: Fans really really didn't like that Felicity cut her hair short in season two. The WB didn't like the lower ratings. The network banned the stars of Felicity, Dawson's Creek and Buffy from cutting their hair short.

Episode Notes

Daniel didn't get points for his last lightning round question because you must wait until the question is fully read before answering and time ran out. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
Remember, you only have 2 days to answer this episode's At Home Version riddle due to a bonus Wednesday episode drop.
Brian wanted us to say "go Sixers" which were are reasonable sure is about basketball