Special: Exhibition Match

The Extra Hot Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show

The Extra Hot Great podcast artwork, TGAPCQS-ified

We are delighted to welcome our friends from the Extra Hot Great podcast for a special crossover episode outside the bracket of the regular season.

Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, and Mark Blankenship (of the Blankenship Chair) join us for TV trivia modelled after a typical Extra Hot Great episode!

We’ll open with a new release for the week, go Around the Dial with a game about shows that change networks, and play The Canon where our contestants must separate great works of literature from TV favorites. It all comes down to a contentious lightning round to determine the Winner and Losers of the week!

Only five days instead of the usual seven for the riddle this week. So get on it, smarties-pants!


Match Info

Exhibition Match Special -

Non-regulation matches including exhibition matches, Empty Studio episodes, and other specials.

Quizzes Played

Lone Wolves and Cubs

Who would be the best at independently raising an orphaned child?

Around The Dial

Identify the TV show by data about its network migrations.

The Canon

Separate the TV show from the classic work of Western literature.

These Are Their Stories

Questions about the TV show Law & Order.

The One With A Lot Of Questions

Questions about the TV show Friends.

Adam, Eric and Little Joe on The Ponderosa

Questions about [spoiler!]

Here's the question, a simple ask
But your brain is not up to the task
Uh oh, time to cut and run
So you ask: Is It Benson?

Mostly no but sometimes yes. Please listen to the past 10 years of Extra Hot Great for further information.

Episode Notes

The Laura Laudenberg's favorite things are dark chocolate, 80s music and naps
RIP Alfred Hitchcock, slain by space trash cans.
Mark tries the unplayed lightning round category in the after-show.