Special: Exhibition Match

Apocalypse Chow

The pop culture food mashup madness of Apocalypse Chow represented by a forest mushroom looking like a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Our three contestants deal with bovine justice, answering questions posed by film, television and song titles and a 27-course trip through pop culture food mashup madness.

And not just anyone either! For our first episode, we called on three of our friends to kick the tires here at The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show. In this non-regulation special episode, sportswriter Will Leitch is joined by Fug Girl Jessica Morgan and the Jeb part of Dave And Jeb Aren’t Mean, Jeb Lund.

Our first season β€” where the listeners are the contestants β€” starts with the next episode!


Match Info

Exhibition Match Special -

Non-regulation matches including exhibition matches, Empty Studio episodes, and other specials.

Quizzes Played

Perry Mason's Jarring Career Choices

Who would best bring justice to a cow falsely accused of murder?

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

We tell you the answer. All you have to do is provide the interrogative pop culture title that asks the question.

Apocalypse Chow

A 27-course journey into the horror that is born when food and movies travel into the heart of darkness together.

Adele's Big Comeback

Questions about the pop culture happenings of 2015


Questions about dramas that aired on The WB

I'm Gonna Love Me Again

Questions about Oscar winners for Best Original Song

At first it's a comedy over the phone.
A valley divides your appearance and tone.
But later it canters to become something new:
A revolt of the many to bring down the few

Sorry to Bother You: Cassius Green takes a job as a telemarketer who puts on an affected "white voice" to sell products to white customers. As the movie progresses, he discovers the horse-like Equisapiens, (hence 'cantering') and helps inspire their revolution against their corporate overlords.

Episode Notes