It’s a cavalcade of comic book crossovers and pop culture rhymes in this week’s competition! After a rousing round of My Champion, Bobby, Stephen and Susanna test their knowledge of crazy comic book crossover events that brought together unlikely characters and properties. Then, it’s on to a rhyming game, where from a mashed up description, players parse out the two rhyming TV show and movie titles that have been combined. All that plus a Lightning Round and the At-home Version riddle for you to solve!

Quizzes Played

The Scream Scheme

Which character from pop culture would best recover a stolen painting?

Half & Halftones

Identify the two TV shows or movies from a description of the comic book crossover issue or run that features them both.

Excuse Me, Do You Have The Rhyme?

Guess the rhyming TV or movie titles that we've smooshed together.

Two Guys, A Girl

Questions about pizza in pop culture.

The Return of Bruno

Questions about actor Walter Bruce Willis.

The House The Plumber Built

Questions about Nintendo.

The Riddle

On this show we play Pyramid but not with Dick Clark and randos,

In fact, some of our players turned into commandos.

Did it work out? In the end, were they happy?

The new home is nice, but the narrative's sappy.


"Pyramid" is a fictional sport on the 2000s revival of Battlestar Galactica, and bears no resemblance to the classic game shows of a similar name. In an early season of the show, a team of pyramid players on Earth turned into commandos. The ending of the revival was, indeed, sappy, and didn't make a great deal of sense, though it was, perhaps, emotionally satisfying for some viewers.

Match Results