The playoffs begin with Oscar acceptance speeches and mysterious locations! Returning champions Derek, Anna, and Bobby battle it out by touting all their pop culture knowledge. But only ONE will continue on to the championship match! Our first game this week asks players to identify the Hollywood figure by listening to their Oscar acceptance speeches, while also challenging them on additional Oscar trivia! After that, the contestants will identify some notable locations from pop culture-based off descriptions given by people travelling there. Stick around for an exciting Lightning Round plus a challenge for listeners at home!

Quizzes Played

Do You Remember?

Which champion would best fit in as a member of the band Earth, Wind, and Fire?

What to Accept When You're Accepting

Identify the actors and directors making Oscar acceptance speeches.

And Where The Hell Was I?

We've headed out to a famous location from pop culture, and you have to guess where we are from tidbits provided.

Turn On The Lamp

Questions about Pixar Animation Studios.

Hold On For 365 More Days

Questions about the pop culture happenings of 1990.

Not in America

Questions about pop culture cats.

The Riddle

I'm a signifier of particular note

Investment in infrastructure I do promote

Faced against rows of comfortable asses

My power can shatter your pair of glasses


The THX "Deep Note" is often played in theatres with certified sound systems before the film starts. In a famous scene in The Simpsons, the THX Deep Note is so damn powerful it shatters glasses and even a set of teeth.

Match Results

Episode Notes

You might have noticed some tweaks to the presentation this week. Based on your feedback, we moved our contestant chat to after round one and there is less "exit through the gift shop" at the end of the show.
If you're a contestant, and you call something "Swordly Town," you know that we're going to make fun of you, right?