This week’s playoff barn burner features Chris Sims from War Rocket Ajax, Tim Grierson from the Grierson & Leitch podcast, and Linda Holmes from NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. After a trip to the world of school musicals for My Champion, the forecast calls for a quiz on movies with meteorological titles (weather they like it or not). Round two has an even wider spectrum of titles included in “Pigments of Your Imagination” where players will do some primary and secondary color math to find their favorite pop culture. And of course, a characteristically cutthroat lightning round caps it all off.

Quizzes Played

High School Musical: The Musical: The Podcast

Who would be the best faculty sponsor for the school musical?

Weather or Not

Identify the movie with weather terminology in the title.

Pigments Of Your Imagination

Identify three pieces of pop culture from clues about the color in their titles or names.

When There Was Blood

Questions about pop culture happenings of 2007.

What's Making You Happy This Week

Questions about pop culture things with "happy" in the title.

My Friend Mary

Questions about pop culture Marys.

The Riddle

Two families from opposite sides of the stairs.

Employment ensues after putting on airs.

Far down below's an additional guest.

And Jane Fonda told us that it was the best.


In Bong Joon Ho's 2019 movie Parasite, the two families (Kim and Park) have homes at very different elevations within their city, which becomes a visual metaphor for the class difrerence between them. The Kims end up becoming employed by the Parks, spending time in their extravagant house, and discovering an unexpected resident in their basement. When Parasite became the first non-English language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture, Jane Fonda had the priviliege of announcing it at the ceremony.

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