It’s the first match of season three. For the next nine weeks, you’ll hear from 27 brand new listener contestants battling it out for the next title. We’ll kick it off this week with Andrew, Conrado, and Alison. Round one will test their melodic memories for songs from 80s movies, but played in a bit of an anachronistic style. Round two gets us into both movies and TV, with a quiz involving titles in the possessive, but puts the focus elsewhere. It all closes out with a lightning round.

Quizzes Played

Dad's New Apartment

Who is going to be the best at putting together a large piece of furniture from IKEA?

Johannes Bassoon's 1980s Meets 1880s

Identify the 1980s best original song Oscar nominee from an 1880s saloon piano version.

Whose Title is it Anyway?

Name the possessive movie or TV show title after up to three alternative titles in the same style.

Popping the Trunk

Questions about pop culture elephants.

And I Feel Fine

Pop culture questions with answers contained in the lyrics to R.E.M.'s It's The End of the World as We Know It.

The Godfamily

Questions about present and past members of the Coppola Family.

The Riddle

Singing in drag bars for minimum wage,

but everything changed when he brought me on stage

New songs, a new image, they sent me sky high

But Jack and the old ways, they both had to die


We are first introduced to Ally Maine (played by Lady Gaga) in 2018's A Star Is Born when she sings La Vie En Rose in a drag club that Jackson has wandered into. He's instantly taken with her, and they spend the night together writing Shallow, which becomes a viral video clip when he brings her on stage to sing it at one of his shows. Ally then takes a skyward trajectory towards stardom while Jack's career falters, leading to his eventual suicide. As Jack sings in the film, "Maybe it's time to let the old ways die."

Match Results

Episode Notes

Phil Coulson has not been attacked by mutants, as Agents of SHIELD couldn't have mutants, which is why they were trying so hard to make the Inhumans happen.
Dan vehemently denies having spoiled the ending of Serenity in the scorebreak.