Somehow, we’ve stumbled into a bit of a family affair on this week’s episode. Brothers Andre and Antonio will take on each other (as well as Will) in a pop culture battle of chain restaurants and calendars. In round one, our players will decipher the mashed up titles of movies or tv shows with popular American chain restaurants. Our players have a rocky start, but get a bit of a jumpstart once we flip open the calendar with a sequencing game: put the three movies or TV episodes in order of when they take place on a calendar. A stiff lightning round caps off a contentious game, but will the years of family beefs be squashed?

Quizzes Played

All Six Pie Pieces

Which champion would dominate game night?

The Great American Pop Culture Quiznos

Identify the hybrid movie-restaurant from a blended synopsis.

Remember When?

Place three movies or TV shows in order by the time of year they take place in.

A World We Must Defend

Questions about Pokรฉmon.

2 B.CW

Questions about TV shows that aired on The CW's predecessor, The WB.

Look Who's IM DB Too

Questions about actors or characters with the initials "DB."

The Riddle

These well known characters will finally dish,

In an "I wish" song that's just called "I wish."

He didn't have a choice, he was entirely without means,

But he really shouldn't have stolen those beans.


The musical Into the Woods gives the often seedy backstory of well-known fairy tale characters, who lay out their goals in a song called "I Wish." The problems of the plot are set in motion by the actions of the narrator, who steals some magic beans from a witch's garden in order to feed his family.

Match Results