A last minute substitution doesn’t faze our players one bit in this week’s exciting match. Aaron and Kari are joined by returning contestant and friend of the show Tara Ariano for a highly competitive brawl. We begin at the end this week with a round one about the details of happy endings of movies and TV. Round two drives PAST the endings and into the world of misbegotten movie sequels. Spoiler alert: some of these movies are truly deranged. And as per uzhe, we close it out with an intense lightning round.

Quizzes Played

King Of The Grill

Who is going to be the best grillmaster for your backyard cookout?

Conclusions Of Contentment

Identify the pop culture property from a description of its happy ending.

Paling In Comparison

Name the original movie from a synopsis of its terrible sequel.


Pop culture questions with answers that are also city or town names in England.


Questions about TV shows and movies set in Ireland.

Scott Land

Questions about celebrities and characters named Scott.

The Riddle

I worked on Hellcat before she fought crime,

And did one famous feature for a very long time.

I retired at 99, my work kept me happy,

And I always could find an answer that's snappy.


Al Jaffee worked on the "Patsy Walker" line of comics in the late 1940s: the character would eventually become the superheroic "Hellcat." His most famous work, the fold-in covers on the back of Mad Magazine, ran from 1964 until 2019, a very long time. He retired at age 99 in 2019. Other work for Mad included the feature, "Snappy answers to Stupid questions."

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Knox Harrington Scorebreak. Knox Harrington: He’s a video artist [Dan laughs maniacally]
This scorebreak is brought to you by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich: his name is already the punchline.