The season four playoffs commence! Lauryn, Dan, and Shannon are back for the Shermer Division finals โ€”determining our first slot in the season four championship! We kick off round one with a tribute to everyone’s favorite beloved also-ran Tom Honks, and his one-letter-changed knockoffs of Tom Hanks movies. Then round two brings back the DVD extras category, this time with top-grossing movies of the years they came out. A competitive game gets even MORE competitive in a tense lightning round.

Quizzes Played

Spine Number One

Which champion is best going to orchestrate an elaborate prison escape?

Tom Honks!

Identify the one-letter-off film that Tom Honks is making to spite lifelong nemesis Tom Hanks.

The Extra Income

Identify top grossing film from descriptions of their home release bonus segments.

They Expect You To Die

Questions about actors who have played Bond villains.

Burn Baby Burn

Questions about disco hits and artists.

Heaven's Sake, Is That A Spot?

Questions about actor Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury.

The Riddle

A rinky-dink station on the outskirts of town

Some guy's feeding dog treats to Bob-O the clown

Red snappers are spinning, and poodles will fall

'Cause this is the channel where we've got it all


In the 1989 film UHF, George Newman ("Weird Al" Yankovic) inherits a small UHF station -- U62 -- outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In an early effort before the station is a success, his character of "Uncle Nutsy" accidentally gives Yappy's Dog Treats to his friend Bob who is dressed up like a clown. Other hit shows on the network are Wheel of Fish and Raul's Wild Kingdom, in which a man fruitlessly teaches poodles how to fly. The movie's theme song proclaims "We've got it all on UHF."

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Episode Notes

Joe Robert Cole should be better known: he was a producer and writer on American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson as well as Black Panther and had been tapped to write Marvel's War Machine movie before that one got pulled.
The Society For Accurate Depiction Of Science In Film And Tv Scorebreak: The Society For Accurate Depiction Of Science In Film And Tv: Magnets, they definitely do not work like that."
The Mark Ruffalo In Spotlight Scorebreak. Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight: They knew.