It’s the final playoff match of the season, locking in the third contestant for the season finale next week. This week, we welcome back Susan, Jessica, and Erica for a pretty grisly episode. First, it’s the horrors of capitalism with an audio round about notable product placement. We’ll then tone things down in round two for a game all about famous movie murders, with all sorts of mistaken identities to give our players a bigger challenge. The biggest reveal of all comes in the lightning round! You won’t wanna miss it!

Quizzes Played

Taking Stockholm Syndrome

Which champion โ€“ as a bank robber โ€“ is going to elicit the greatest empathy from their hostages?

A Word From Our Sponsor

Name the TV show or movie from an audio clip that mentions a real product or service.

Murders Of Mistaken Identity

Name the iconic movie murder from a description with the character names changed to other roles from the same actors.

M. Night

Questions about pop culture with the word 'midnight' in their names.

Let's Twist Again

Questions about filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan.

Turn And Face The Strain

Questions about David Bowie.

The Riddle

Spring-like snakes come at me without warning,

I had no arms until I showed up on Saturday morning.

In my heyday there was lots of my merch to be had,

And I wound up having kids with Josh Gad.


Q*Bert's main enemy is "coily," a spring-like snake the shows up unexpectedly in the original game. He was featured on the Saturday Supercade block of cartoons based on video games, where he was portrayed as a high schooler, complete with arms. Q*Bert was one of the most successful games of the early 80s, and there was a lot of attendant merchandise, second only to Pac-Man, though the video game bust all but eliminated it. He's shown up in both Wreck-it Ralph and Pixels. In the latter, he is transformed into an attractive woman, and has Q*Bert looking children with Josh Gad's character.

Match Results

Episode Notes

In Dave's note on the missing audio answer results, when he says they got two points he meant they got both questions right.
The Cleo from 5 to 7 scorebreak. Cleo from 5 to 7: I only nitpick the title because I genuinely want that additional 30 minutes please and thank you.
The Seagull on the Tire scorebreak. Seagull on the tire: can you hear my prayer?