Another week on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show continues our fifth season with first time players Ryan, Rage, and R. Mike! Writing takes center stage with a journalism-themed round of My Champion and trivia about literary adaptations for round one. Then, round two situates us in time to talk Christmas Day movie releases, and determining how to appease everyone on your family trip to the theater. And as always, it all comes together in the lightning round!

Quizzes Played

Breaking The News

Which champion would make the best foreign correspondent?

Paper Movies

Identify the book-to-screen adaptation being described.

Family Outing

Name the three movies the family wants to see on Christmas Day.

Hard to Watch

Questions about pop culture properties with "hard" in the title.

Cruise Boat

Questions about cruise ships in pop culture.

Who Dat Ninja?

Questions about pop culture ninjas.

The Riddle

A story that's told in 10 shots,

Based on Hamilton's plots.

It's like Murder by Numbers,

But that narrative lumbers,

And at 70 minutes, this trots.


The 1948 Hitchcock movie Rope is comprised of just ten shots, averaging about 7 minutes each. It's based on a play by Patrick Hamilton, and draws heavily on the Leopold and Loeb murders, like the much later (and much worse) 2002 Sandra Bullock/Ryan Gosling movie Murder by Numbers. But while that movie is 115 minutes, and feels longer, Rope is a tight 70 minutes, played out in almost real time.

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