The season five playoffs begin as James, Paul, and Seth duke it out for the North Shore High division title and a spot in the finals. Round one looks at songs with memorable uses of the note to follow sol before round two shakes up the before-and-after answer style with names instead of titles. But only one player can advance, and it all comes down to the lightning round!

Quizzes Played

Once Upon A December

Who is going to be be the best featured dancer at the Russian Ballet?

Get Your La Las Out

Name the song from just its "la las."

Before And Actors

Figure out the actor mash-up from up to three pairs of properties they have acted in.

The Rocks That She Got

Questions about Jennifer Lopez.

Medullas On The Menu

Questions about zombies in pop culture.

The Saturday Premear, But Spelled With An E-A-R At The End Of "Premear"

Questions about Disney Channel original movies from the pre-High School Musical era.

The Riddle

A long weekly look at a noted director.

Their producer's become quite the nickname collector.

Each episode goes through to great pains to announce

That sometimes they clear, and sometimes they bounce.

An actor and critic, with movies they're smitten.

And one of them, shockingly, grew up in Britain.


Episodes of Blank Check routinely run much longer than the movie they're ostensibly talking about, as #thetwofriends Griffin Newman and David Sims make their way through the filmographies of directors who have massive early success early on in their careers and were given a series of blank checks to make whatever crazy passion they want; sometimes those checks clear, and sometimes they bounce (baby). Former producer Ben Hosley has accrued many nicknames over the course of the show, which are occasionally recited in full by Griffin. Griffin is an actor (seen on Amazon's The Tick) and David is a cultural critic for The Atlantic. David is American, but spent much of his childhood in Great Britain, a fact that seems to surprise Griffin every time it comes up.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Uncanny Valley Scorebreak. The Uncanny Valley: I don't care how much it cost! The faces in The Irishman might as well have been Tom Hanks in The Polar Express.
The Stop making Dan say stupid things scorebreak. Stop making Dan say stupid things. So what if he likes old movies? TCM is great!