The season five playoffs roll on with the San Dimas High division finals! Returning winners Aaron, R. Mike, and Dylan open the face off with their knowledge of title characters who start with B. But the stakes elevate when we identify remade properties on the big and small screens from the scantest details about them. And of course, the lightning round decides it all!

Quizzes Played

A Clean Workspace Is An Efficient Workspace

Which champion has the best organized desktop?

Don't Trust The B

Identify seemingly untrustworthy "B" pop culture characters.

Trading Up

Name the pop culture property adapted from film to TV or vice versa.

A Guy Named Joel

Questions about musician Billy Joel.

Robot Friends

Questions about robot sidekicks in pop culture.

Bad Movies

Questions about movies with the word "bad" in the title.

The Riddle

He has a foolproof heist plan

That needs help from the bar man.

He finds that crime does not pay

When the cash blows away

Thanks to a dog, he’ll serve out his lifespan.


Stanley Kubrick's 1956 heist movie, The Killing involves a carefully planned robbery at a racetrack, in which various employees, including the bartender, play a role. At the end, < strong >Johnny Clay seems to have gotten away, but checks his bags containing the cash, and is undone when the baggage truck, avoiding a dog that's run on the tarmac, drops and spills the money which blows away, tipping off the feds (who were on to him already, it seems). Due to the multiple murders that resulted from his plan, he's likely to serve life in prison.

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