The last match of the season five playoffs has arrived! Jon, Brigid, and Joelle square off over three rounds to fight for a spot in the season five finals. First up, they’ll see which pop culture ‘boys’ deserve their own island reality show in “What Boys Island,” followed by a trip through the pop culture annals of the board game “Clue,” and all the properties that have put their unique stamp on it. And don’t forget the lightning round! It’s all this week on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show. We’re off for the holidays next week, but we’ll see you for the season five finale in the new year!

Quizzes Played

Longhorn's Journey Into Night

Which champion, as a ranch hand, would best cope with the revelation that the chow they are eating was their favourite steer Reggie?

What Boy Island

Which pop culture entity with 'boy' in the title inhabits the island?

Get A Clue

Identify the movie or TV show based on a description of their Clue board game special edition.

Anyone But Gere Or Zellweger

Questions about actors who have played Billy Flynn or Roxie Hart onstage.

Good TV Shows

Questions about TV shows with the word 'good' in the title.

Just A Touch

Questions about Actor Stanley Tucci.

The Riddle

Aliens coming looking for a traitorous quartz

Named after rocks and gems of all sorts

He’ll eat all the bits,

His pink shield stops the hits.

When to Homeworld he teleports.


In the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, the title character and his three surrogate moms, the crystal gems, fight off alien gemstones who are coming to earth in search of Steven’s other mother, Rose Quartz, who is believed to be a traitor who killed one of the leaders of the gem empire. Steven’s favorite food is β€œthe bits”: the leftover pieces of fries from the bottom of the fryer at a local boardwalk French fry shop. From his mother, Steven inherited the ability to generate force fields (and more powers, which develop later in the series), all colored pink, like the gem embedded in his belly. Towards the end of the series, he has adventures on β€œHomeworld,” where the gem empire began, and is able to get there by various means, including teleporting through the mane of a pink lion.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The "Christian Alternative Third Wave Ska Punk" scorebreak. Christian Alternative Third Wave Ska Punk: The O.C. Supertones, The Insyderz, and Five Iron Frenzy are real bands, I promise!
The "Larry 'Bud' Melman" scorebreak. Larry "Bud" Melman: official sponsor of a future "Kenny The Gardener" scorebreak.