This is it! Our fifth super mondo championship match has arrived, and some stiff competition is coming to close out the season. Aaron, Brigid, and Seth all bring their A-game to three rounds of pop culture trivia to test their mettle. Round one is our kookiest musical game yet, celebrating movies with U.S. cities in their titles, as well as the songs of Kander & Ebb. Then round two shifts over to TV for a “Characters Welcome” round about bosses and employees. And a great lightning round finishes up the season in style.

Quizzes Played

Let's Go To Work

Who's gonna best slay the dragon?

U.S. City: The Musical

Identify the movie title with an American city name in its title. Clues are sung to the tune of a number from Chicago.

Like A Boss

Figure out who's the boss and who's the underling then name the TV show they are from.


Questions about 80s sitcoms.

Steven Universe

Questions about pop culture characters and people named Steven.

Her Version

Questions about musician Taylor Swift.

The Riddle

An interview slash road trip taking several frigid days.

One writer's condescension met with intermittent praise.

While listening to R.E.M, they'll probe into the past.

But never quite discover why the jest was all so vast.


Set in wintertime, the movie The End of the Tour tells the story of author David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) interviewing author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) at the end of the book tour for his novel Infinite Jest. This story was previously told by Lipsky in his 2010 memoir Although Of Course You End Up Becomg Yourself. There is mutual admiration between the two writers, but it's also fraught and tension, defensiveness, and intellctual one-upsmanship. One of the semi-climactic confrontations between them is set when Wallace has put on an R.E.M. record in his home.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Who Farted Scorebreak: Who farted? Dan's score: 8/10
The "Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI" scorebreak. Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI: who better to recite all the Shakespeare in the original Klingon? Dan's score: 7/10
Seth wants you to support teachers and local public schools
Aaron wants you all to know that our show is a lot of fun, so you should maybe sign up! Also, we all have to curl up under a blanket and watch Takashi Miike's Audition.