We’re back, and kicking off season six! A brand new crop of 27 players enter the gauntlet for our most challenging season of pop culture trivia yet. This week, we’ll enter the Nelvana Division as Michelle, Katherine, and Sean test their knowledge of times that actors portrayed other real life actors, before checking out some reviews of famous pop culture hotels. If you’re up to it, don’t forget to apply to play with us on a future season, and check out our new Dream Team page where you can suggest other podcasts you’d like to see come play with us.

Quizzes Played

The Wrong Kid Died

Which champion has the most acute sense of smell?

Let Me Be Your Star

Identify the movie where an actor is playing an actor.

Having Reservations

Which pop culture hotel are we reading reviews for?

No Tights

Questions about movies based on non-superhero comics.

Is that a Titleist?

Questions about whales in pop culture.

Eat It

Questions about Weird Al Yankovic.

The Riddle

I'm keeping a secret, but everyone knows.

Except for the person within whom it grows.

I can't keep it up. I'm disguising it awfully.

At least let me just get through "Killing Me Softly"


In the 2019 movie The Farewell, the lead character Billi's whole family is choosing not to tell Billi's grandmother (or 'nai nai') that she has cancer. Billi is having a hard time grappling with this fact, and struggles to put on a happy face during a fabricated family wedding staged to give everyone an excuse to come visit nai nai without giving up the secret. One of the few moments of joy for Billi at this wedding is when she and her father perform a karaoke duet of The Fugees' version of "Killing Me Softly."

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Episode Notes

The German Augmented Sixth Chords Scorebreak: German Augmented Sixth Chords: enharmonic spellings be darned! They're just flat six chords with a dominant seventh! Get over yourself, Beethoven.
The Mad Magazine Scorebreak: Mad Magazine: Gone but never forgotten.