Words! Words! Words! We got them and our three contestants Chris, Mieka, and Tara have to figure them all out. In round one we’ve over-redacted four letter words in the [blank] and TV titles of 2021 and in round two we challenge our players to name the pop culture properties various made-up words belong to. Blerg! And of course it all comes down to saying it comes down to the lightning round.

Quizzes Played

Take The Money And Run

Which champion would be best able to pull off a perfect bank robbery?

Four Letter Words

Identify the 2021 movie or TV show without the benefit of any four letter words.

Choice Words

What property is the made-up word from?

Nineteen Twenty-One Twenty-Five Thirty

Questions about musician Adele.

Small Screen Battles

Questions about TV shows involving World War II.

Killer Robot Gabriel Luna

Questions about summer blockbusters of the 2010s.

The Riddle

My host was a gym coach in a comedy

Now he encourages players to mess with me.

He calls me by a wee name,

Even though I produce the game!

But at least I get to collect my fee.


The host of Taskmaster, Greg Davies, played a gym coach in The InBetweeners. He encourages players to do terrible things to his "assistant," who he calls "little" Alex Horne. However much Horne seems to be humiliated, he's actually the creator and producer of the show, and benefits more than anyone from its success.

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Episode Notes

The Sweet Tea Reynolds Scorebreak. The Sweet Tea Reynolds scorebreak: like "Sweet Dee Reynolds," but, you know, Southern? I guess? And ubiquitous down there?
The sexual politics of Popeye scorebreak. The sexual politics of Popeye: we're going to avoid thinking about it too much.
Chris is too cool for plugs.