“Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at this episode. It is so big.” A first-time, last minute fill-in contestant doesn’t slow the momentum down for this week’s new episode. Daniel, Morgan, and Megan face off in three rounds of pop culture trivia to determine who will head to the playoffs. First, one of the silliest games we’ve played attempts to give Sir Mix-A-Lot the depth and dimensionality he’s always deserved. Then, things stay musical as we head to karaoke night, where our players identify movies and TV shows from the sounds of their iconic karaoke scenes.

Quizzes Played

Postage Due

Who is the best stamp collector?

Don't Pigeonhole Sir Mix-A-Lot

Identify the pop culture properties Sir Mix-A-Lot likes.

Karaoke Night

Which movies and TV show are represented by audio clips of karaoke scenes?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Questions about live action TV series based on movies.

This Just In

Questions about portrayls of TV journalism in pop culture.

Taxi Driver Driver

Questions about director Martin Scorsese.

The Riddle

They blew it all up except for me

When I froze, Gothamites had to flee

I walked in a lesser part two

But due to the Nuclear Man, I once flew

and later marked the end of Magneto’s spree.


The Statue of Liberty has been a frequent prop in movies and TV. In an iconic moment from Planet of the Apes, seeing the remains of the Statue leads the time lost astronaut George Taylor to exclaim “You maniacs! You blew it up!” (except, apparently, the Statue itself, which seems unlikely). In the movie The Day After Tomorrow, the climate disaster is symbolized on the posters by the freezing of the Statue of Liberty, resulting in mass migration from the East Coast of the US. In a lesser sequel, Ghostbusters II, the main characters used psychic slime to make me walk around, and in another, even lesser sequel, Superman IV, the villainous Nuclear Man threw the Statue at Superman. In another Superhero film, 2000’s X-Men, Ian McKellan’s Magneto uses Liberty Island as the site of his climactic attack.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Ken Jeong Scorebreak. Ken Jeong: He's no Anders Danielsen Lie
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