The last batch of elimination matches in each division kick off this week as the Nelvana division finds its third contender. Will it be Lynn? Will it be Bob? Will it be Colin? Listen as they musically globetrot through a round about songs with countries in their titles, then get physical-physical with another DVD extras round, perusing the special features of second installments in mega movie franchises. It all caps off with one shell of a lightning round, and our next winner is crowned!

Quizzes Played

Sibling Revelry

Who is going to have the best professional relationship with their real or hypothetical sibling?

Country Music

Identify the song with a country in its title.

Way Two Extra Extras: Sequels Edition

Name the second-produced blockbuster from descriptions of its home release extras.


Questions about pop culture lions.

Don the Teller

Questions about pop culture banks and bankers.


Questions about actor John Joseph Travolta.

The Riddle

She's set on a path to uncover a murder,

Caught between roles of 'outcast' and 'community herder'

A family deception, through their lies she sees.

But what's her mom doing with those frozen peas?


While Mare of Easttown generally succeeds as a character study and an examination of the community of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, it is all wrapped around a murder being investigated by the titular Mare. While she's a bit of an outcastt, socially, she also knows all the ins and outs of the people of Easttown, marshalling just the right people to help in tricky situations. The series evetually reveals the the Ross fmaily covered up Erin McMinniman's murder, along with their involvement in the events that led to it, but Mare eventually uncovers the truth. One of the few comical moments in the series is Mare's mom (Jean Smart) hiding her ice cream inside a bag of frozen peas.

Match Results

Episode Notes

It's time for the Blake Bohr's Lakeshore Shake Store scorebreak! Blake Bohr's Lakeshore Shake Store: Take our Lakeshore Shake Store Floor Tour and slake your ache for shakes when Blake Bohr's Shake Pour Corps makes your Corn Flake S'more Shake! [I will not encourage this behavior. 3/10]
The TCM wineclub scorebreak. The TCM wine club, because who doesn't want a bottle of Burt Reynolds red? Mmmm... hints of Deliverance. [Wine clubs are all scams, so mocking them is a good thing. 6/10]