If The Matrix: Resurrections reminded us of anything, it’s that cat-based content will always be appealing online. We’re putting that to the test this week as Jessi, Larra, and Eric compete for a spot in the Ubu Division finals. Round one looks at the catification of the names and content of some of our favorite pop culture properties, before taking a hard turn from the silly to to the hoity toity with a round two that’s sure to scratch all your high-minded itches. But if academic writing on pop culture stumps you TOO much, there’s always room for redemption in the lightning round.

Quizzes Played

The Sweet Smell of Success

Which champion would inspire the most popular designer fragrance?

135 Lives

Name the song, film or TV show from a description of it after cats take over the world.

It's All Still Academic

Identify which pop culture property is being studied from excerpts from published academic essays.

Kansas, Boston, and Chicago

Questions about sensitive soft rock of the 1970s.

Hark! A Vagrant

Characters appearing in Kate Beaton's award winning comic, Hark, A Vagrant.

Step To It

Questions about dance in movies.

The Riddle

At Seattle Grace she played a star,

Who later fled really far.

She fought a really snappy dresser,

was a managing professor,

And with Anne Heche she continued to spar.


Sandra Oh played Christina Yang, the star young surgeon on Grey's Anatomy, who fled Seattle for Minnesota, then Switzerland. In Killing Eve she matched wits with a very stylish assassin, and in The Chair, she was a professor tasked with managing other professors (to the extent that such a thing is possible). In Catfight, she has a series of physical altercations with her co-star, Anne Heche.

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