The first eliminations of season six come to a close with a tight match between Amy, Cheyenne, and Ian. It’s gerunds on parade in round one as we add an ‘i-n-g’ to some of our favorite titles. Then, we take a trip to the lab to explore the madness behind some pop culture mad scientists. It all wraps up with the lightning round, which completes the lineup for the Mark VII Division finals! Join us next week for an off-season Oscar special before the season six playoffs!

Quizzes Played

XX Marx The Spot

Who would best die in London at the age of 64?

Ing-ing It

Identify the movie after its title is turned into a verb.

They Call Me Mad?!

Name the movie or TV show from a description of its mad scientist helper.

Here Be Us

Questions about pop culture dragons.


Pop culture questions with answers that contain an army rank in them.

The Imperator

Questions about actor Charlize Theron.

The Riddle

There’s a crack in my wall

Which started out small.

Just before I was wed

I jumped out of bed,

To help a bowtied know it all.


Amy Pond from Doctor Who first comes to the Doctor's attention from a crack in her wall, which starts out small, but grows to represent a threat to all of existence. At the end of the first episode she appears in, she decides to accompany the Doctor (who, at this point, thinks bowties are cool) while still in her nightgown, on what's revealed to be the night before her wedding. In all of his incarnations, the Doctor can fairly be referred to as a "know it all," though, in his defense, he does know just about everything.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Hawkeye scorebreak. Hawkeye: just fine, but next time, let's just cut out Renner altogether, maybe [Correct. 7.5/10]
The 3D Chess Scorebreak: 3D chess. Super smart people just play chess: it's already complicated enough! And 4D chess would just be doing the same thing, but over time, which is how linear time works, anyway. [Nice sentiment, but could be read as a knock on Star Trek. 5/10]