This is it, y’all! We have made it to the season six finale with three absolute tanks ready to duke it out to become our next super mondo champion of champions. Look out for odd premises in round one where we insert the surnames of actors into unrelated properties that have their first name. But keep your eyes on the floor for round two so that you don’t step on the bricks from the pop culture Lego sets we’ll be quizzing our players about. Then an absolutely FAB lightning round caps off another exciting season! See you next week for something special!

Quizzes Played

And A Movie

Who is going to be the best writers' room assistant during the production of the sixth season of a prestige cable drama?

Everyone Likes Their Own Brand

Identify which celebrity has taken over an existing song, movie or TV show.

Another Brick in the Wall

Guess the pop culture property from a description of a Lego set.


Questions about famous pop culture Georges.


Questions about funerals in pop culture.


Questions about pop culture toilets and bathrooms.

Honor Just To Be Blipped

Academy Award nominees in the cast of Avengers: Endgame.

The Riddle

The third film in a series -- now up to five

One from Coupling won't make it out alive

There's a Dutch boat, a washed-up British rocker,

And it all begins with an inversion to find a locker.


While the subtitle of the third Pirates of the Caribbean film has the finality of < strong >At World's End, they somehow made two more of them in the intervening years. Jack Davenport's character, Commodore Norrington, meets his end in this movie. Villain Davy Jones captains a ship called "The Flying Dutchman." Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, one of the inspirations for the characterization of Captain Jack Sparrow, cameos in the film as Jack's father. The opening sequence of the film involves a trip to save Jack from Davy Jones' Locker which they get to by flipping their boat upside down.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The DuMont Network Scorebreak. The DuMont Network: Gone before I was born, but still a reliable punchline in the right crowd. [10/10, no notes.]
The Dogs Scorebreak. Dogs: The fuzzy weirdos who live in your house. They follow you to the bathroom, lick the sofa, refuse to go outside when itโ€™s cold, snore really loudly, and take over most of the bed. Dogs. Theyโ€™re the best. [7/10. We all love dogs. Pleasant, but needs some pizazz.]