We’re back in the Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes Division this week where Coleen, Liz, and returning player Glenn will duke it out across three round of pop culture trivia. After a social game of My Champion, we’ll celebrate the practical stunts that make us gasp at the movies before diving into the Best Supporting Actress category at the Academy Awards. Then, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find it, maybe you can hire…The Lightning Round! All this and more, this week on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show!

Quizzes Played

For The Birds

Which champion would be the best new owner and steward of Twitter?

Fall Guys

Name the movie from a description of stunt featured in it.

Best Supporting Actress Support

Name the Oscar winning film from the actors who supported the Best Supporting Actress.


Questions about movies set at college.


Questions about Oscar winners for Best Achievement in Makeup.

Howling Mad Murdock

Questions about pop culture wolves and werewolves.

The Riddle

The ads that I wrote were more than just fine

But I still wound up stuck up on Cloud Nine.

From a big creature I ran for my life

Then ran some more to avoid a man with a knife.


Ben Feldman played the talented copywriter Ginsberg on Mad Men before taking a less prestigious job in the sitcom Superstore, where he worked at a big box store called Cloud Nine. He ran from a giant creature in Cloverfield, then ran away from Jason Vorhees - and his machete - in a Friday the 13th remake.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Ubbi Dubbi scorebreak: Ubbi Dubbi Rubbemubbembubber Ububbubi Dububbubi? Frubom Zuboom? [1/10. I never watched this show, and had to write it out phonetically.]
The TGAPCQS Cognoscenti: We know Production Master Dave is the straw that stirs the drink. [2/10 It’s really Taylor]