Rhyming words and mashed up names take center stage this week as Tim, Jeff, and Eleanor compete for the last spot in the Chronic Town Division finals! Round one looks at theoretical spinoff/prequels in the vein of “Better Call Saul,” while round two explores possible collaborations between actors and musicians with complimentary names. All that, plus a lightning round to determine this week’s champ!

Quizzes Played

Likability Index

Which champion is going to be the best behind-the-scenes speechwriter for a Presidential candidate?

Better Call Someone

Name the imagined prequel series that rhymes with "Better Call Saul."

Names And Faces From Studio Spaces

Identify the before-and-after talent from up to three of their pop culture offerings.

The Great Screen Romances

Questions about movies that starred real life married couples.

One Prodigious Child

Questions about references to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in popular culture.

Substitute Teacher Energy

Questions about Lin Manuel Miranda.

The Riddle

These kids have some talent for sports with big thrills

With their wipeouts accented by colorful stills

A conceited young boarder, plus his cool older sister

There's a squid tending goal, and a sidekick named Twister


On Nickelodeon's series Rocket Power, fifth graders are surprisingly talented at extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, roller hockey, street luge, and more. Whenever someone falls or gets in trouble the screen would flash with bright, stylized graphics with phrases like "Major Beef!" or "Busted!" Otto Rocket has a big ego that always has to be kept in check by his older sister Reggie. Their nerdy friend Sam (who goes by Squid) plays goalie on their hockey team, and their friend Maurice goes by the nickname "Twister."

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Chipmunk Hunk Scorebreak: Chipmunk Hunk, Chipmunk Hunk, he fights crime and other junk. Is he strong? Listen, punk, something something -unk.
The Jocaste Nu Scorebreak: Jocaste Nu...wait never mind. This scorebreak doesn't appear in the archives, so therefore it doesn't exist.