Deb, Derek, and last minute fill-in, returning player Adam are ready to flex their pop culture knowledge this week! Round one is a carbo-loaded extravaganza of pop culture properties that have all been breadified, before round two dives into the unnecessary backstories of iconic characters. And it’s all capped off with an exciting lightning round!

Quizzes Played

Secret Invasion

Which champion is the most likely to be a shapeshifting alien sleeper agent in disguise?

Carb Loading

Identify the pop culture property full of bready goodness.

No One Was Asking

Name the character whose complicated backstory is being described.

Fun With Dick And Jane

General pop culture questions with the word "Dick" or "Jane" in the answer.

Paul Reubens Makes A Snow Angel

Questions about actors who appeared in 1988's "Christmas at Pee-wee's Playhouse."

More Than A Music Video

Questions about film scores by pop/rock musicians.

The Riddle

Periods combine in this anachronistic stew.

With a leading man straight out of "The Who,"

A spaceship, a voodoo doll, some Frankenstein magic,

Even after they die, the ending's not tragic.


In the buck wild 1975 Ken Russell movie Listzomania, Roger Daltrey of The Who stars as Frank Liszt, who someone meets up with Wagner, Brahms, Mendelssohn, who were not active at the same time, and gives Liszt and computer, leading him to talk to Wagner about electronic music. Oh, and that's all before Liszt is killed with a voodoo doll, leading Wagner, who's actually a vampire, to be resurrected, as Hitler, with some help from Frankenstein. But it's OK, because Liszt goes to heaven, where his music has redeemed even his murderer, and they get a magic spacecraft that they use to kill Wagner/Hitler.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Liberty League Scorebreak. The Liberty League: No, we're not in NESCAC, we're actually in the Liberty League. [1/10 No idea what this is about.]
The Cat Party Scorebreak. The Cat Party: Hey Boris! You're not invited! [2/10 I like cats, and Boris is a funny name, but what in the world are you people doing with these today?]