After last episode’s delightful diversion, we have arrived at the season seven playoffs. This week, Matthew, Dan, and Tim are all keen to become the winner of the Chronic Town division, but only ONE can do so, and advance to the season finale. In round one, we’ll look at famous non-fiction books that have been adapted into scripted Hollywood movies, before going in the television wayback machine to mashup famous shows’ pilot episodes that aired on the same day. And of course, it all comes down to the lightning round.

Quizzes Played

Keep 'Em Entertained

Who is going to hold an easily distracted toddler's attention for the longest amount of time?

Story Checks Out

Name the movie from its literary source material.

Nights to Remember

Name the two TV shows that debuted on the same night from a mashed up description of them both.

Novelty Treats

Questions about Pulitzer Prize winning novels and their screen adaptations.

Cautious Clay

Questions about stop motion animated movies.

Music Rights Issues

Questions about the works of alumni of MTV sketch comedy group The State.

The Riddle

Within our nation's capital in twenty fifty-four,

Just thinking about murder makes the cops break down your door.

Without the sister present, the whole program is at stake

But deception is uncovered via ripples on the lake.


The movie Minority Report, based on Phillip K. Dick's short story of the same name, takes place in April of 2054 in Washington DC. There is a precrime program in which precogs see murders before they happen, while the authorities pre-emptively arrest the perpretators. These precogs can only function if Agatha, the sister of the two boys, is present with them, and the program is ineffectual once John (Tom Cruise) kidnaps her to debunk his own predicted crime. Eventually, Agatha's mother's murder is solved when Danny (Colin Farrell) notices ripples on the lake moving in a different direction, leading him to investigate a precognition in a different way.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Death Valley scorebreak: Death Valley, like Wellington Paranormal, but not, you know, funny.
The Tom Wolfe scorebreak: Tom Wolfe – No, there’s nothing creepy about a septuagenarian dandy hanging around sorority girls for I am Charlotte Simmons. Why would you even think that?