It’s the last of our divisional finals! Who will be the third contestant to advance to the season championship match? Will it be Rob? Or Scott? Or Liz? Or maybe a fourth contestant will crash the record, chloroform the other contestants and stroll to a leisurely, unfulfilling victory leading to record low ratings that will, in short order, doom the podcast? Only one way to find out; ask a friend who listens.

Quizzes Played

Getting Mooned

Which champion would best circumvent The Outer Space Treaty and lay claim to The Moon?

Tunes For Tots

Name the song with "baby" in the title from a children's music box arrangement.

Chapter And Verse

Identify the movie or TV show from a redacted poetic excerpt containing the source of the property title.

I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too

Questions about the Cold War in pop culture.

This Category Really Ties The Room Together

Questions about movies written and/or directed by Joel and/or Ethan Coen.

Based on Movement

Questions about dinosaurs in pop culture.

The Riddle

He's not in prison but is in a cell,

There are 50 hostages he put through hell.

He talks to the audience and tells them no lies,

His girlfriend was a suspect due to her bra size.


Dalton Russell (Clive Owen's character from Inside Man) starts off the film in a cell, though, he informs the audience, he is not in prison. He phrases everything very carefully, and while much of what he says is misleading, he doesn't directly lie in his voiceover to the audience. The perfect bank robbery he has planned involved mistreating about 50 hostages, though some more than others, and his accomplices are snuck out of the bank among them. The accomplice who comes closest to being identified is the one revealed to be his girlfriend at the end of the movie (played by Kim Director), because there are only two people in the bank with a similar bra size.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The RRR Scorebreak: RRR: The only movie with the courage to defeat colonialism with a dance off. And a tiger. [8/10. And an elk-based murder. Would be higher, but we record these far enough in advance that no one will remember a Netflix movie from the Summer.]
The Iron Chef scorebreak. Iron Chef: In the words of my uncle, “Allez Cuisine!”[6.5/10. Would be 9/10, but none of the new versions have really captured the magic.]