We’ve arrived! It’s the season seven finale to determine the next super mondo champion of champions! Sure, this game opens with a round based on sweaty wordplay, with round two building into a series metatextual mashup clues that combine multiple mediums. And yes, it culminates in a lightning round where the leaderboard is constantly shifting. But this is the finals, darnit, so returning champs Liz, Derek, and Matthew are all operating at a very high level, so the competition cannot be more tense. I had to stop writing this episode description to go pat myself down with a cool wet towel just from recalling how intense everything got. And I’m working from home today, so I forgot to put on Old Spice, so now the sweat has really cooked up a nasty stench in my general vicinity. And when it comes to straight up B.O., I wouldn’t necessarily say that everyone loves their own brand ๐Ÿคข. So I’m gonna go take a shower and let you listen to this incredible season finale on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show.

Quizzes Played

Siegfried and Rhaegar

Which Champion is going to have the most fun at a family reunion?

As Seen On TV

What possessive products are specific actors hawking?

Full Length Featured Artists

After an audio clip, name the song, movie and common director.

Kristen Schaal

Questions about horses in pop culture.

Bedtime Stories

Questions about primetime soaps.

Enviable Kitchens

Questions about movies written, directed, or produced by Nancy Meyers.

The Riddle

The story of a CEO, and those who'd overthrow her

The fraud's behind a voice that sounds a couple octaves lower

A Sunny start at Stanford leaves her landing with a thud.

She only THOUGHT she saw the future in a drop of blood.


The Hulu limited series The Dropout, based on the podcast series about Elizabeth Holmes, tells the story of the ultimately fraudulent medical technology company Theranos. Elizabeth speaks in a deeper voice in order to be taken more seriously by the men in her field. She began her venture after dropping out from Stanford with support from business partner and romanti partner Sunny Balwani. In an episode, a character writes and performs a cringeworthy song about Elizabeth in which he sings that "Elizabeth sees the future in a drop of blood."

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Rebound scorebreak. The Rebound: hey, remember when Justin Bartha could be the lead in a romcom? [7/10. No. I donโ€™t remember that. Wait, is that Catherine Zeta-Jones?]