We’re back for another season! That’s right: season eight has arrived with new players (along with some old favorites) returning to claim all the pop culture trivia glory. Abhi, Alexa, and Ethan kick off proceedings with a snooty, French round of My Champion, before pivoting hard back towards the absolute trash bag nadir of American society: New Jersey. With a quiz about all the horrible things that movie and TV characters do when they’re there, we’ll lighten things up with a round all about pop culture-themed pinball machines. All that, plus the venerated lightning round!

Quizzes Played

A Real French Dinner

Who has cooked the most recipes from Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking?

Everything Is Legal In New Jersey

Name the pop culture property from a description of some bad behavior a character got away with in the state of New Jersey.

Pinball Wizardry

Name the pop culture property from descriptions of its licensed pinball machine.

Dramas Easy As 1-2-3

Questions about ABC TV dramas since 2000.

No Tights, No Flights

Questions about TV shows based on non-superhero comic books.

Pros And Cons

Pop culture questions with answers that start with "pro" or "con."

The Riddle

This daring thief always gets his score;

In one movie version, he's a Barrymore.

A high class criminal, he's never mean,

But he loses it all in Eight Hundred Thirteen.


French gentleman thief Arsene Lupin is shown throughout the stories about him to be basically unbeatable: he's three steps ahead of everyone, and only gets caught when he feels like it. In a 1932 film adaptation - there have been lots - he was played by John Barrymore. He's careful to never hurt anyone intentionally, and is always utterly polite, even to his victims. His biggest losses come in the story "813," where he loses everything (despite his plans mostly working): he's burned his civilian identities, his daughter won't get the life of nobility he had planned for her, the guy he thought was the bad guy was actually innocent, and the actual bad guy was a woman he loved, who's now dead.

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Episode Notes

The McDonald’s Happy Meal for Adults Scorebreak: The only thing dumber is the fact that you can re-sell them on eBay. [2/10 Going to choose to believe that’s not a thing.]
The People Magazine Scorebreak. People Magazine: Did you used to get Entertainment Weekly? Now you get People. Did you used to get InStyle? Now you get People. Everyone gets People! [5/10 Sad but true.]