We’re moving on to the Altair IV Division here in season 8 as Mike, Aaron, and Tarn enter the ring to secure a spot in the playoffs. Round one is a fairy tale beginning for this episode, as we quiz our players about different actresses who’ve played “Cinderella” or some version thereof. Round two takes a turn towards violence as we look at pop culture characters who’ve popped up as playable characters in various fighting video games. All this, plus an electrifying lighting round to cap it all off.

Quizzes Played

Changing The World, One Word At A Time

Who has the longest streak in the popular language learning app Duolingo?

Having A Ball

Name the actor playing Cinderella.

Choose Your Fighter!

Name the pop culture character making a guest appearance in a video game from a description of their fighting style.

A Toast!

Questions about wedding speeches in pop culture.

Recent Moving Pictures

Questions about cartoons of the 2010s.

What's Dan Doing In There?

Pop culture questions where every answer includes the letters "DAN" in that order, but is not the name "Dan" or "Daniel."

The Riddle

A Dominican author gave us this tale

Of an unhappy woman in what amounts to a jail.

Post-colonial power is the name of the game,

It ends just before the big house goes up in flame.


Wide Sargasso Sea. Dominican-British author Jean Rhys' prequel to Jane Eyre re-imagines the "madwoman in the attic" as a Creolo heiress, used and discarded by Mr. Rochester, in a relationship meant to echo post-colonial and neo-colonial relationships. By the end, she's locked in the attic, but dreams of flames: at the very end of the book, she grabs a candle, ready to burn what she calls "The Big House" to the ground.

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