Look, we were going to burn all record of this episode of this episode ever having existed, but then we decided to make like George Costanza and do the opposite. But instead of a job at the Yankees, we ended up with a very fun pop culture trivia challenge for Brennan, Chelsea, and Darren! We’ll see how sharp their ears are with another round of Skip Intro’d TV themes, before really getting our antonym on with a quiz on pairs movies and TV show with opposite titles. We hope you hate it! (That means we hope you love it, cuz you know…opposite stuff.)

Quizzes Played

Check, Not Mate

Who is most likely to make it to the world chess championship, but then crash and burn in the final match?

Still Skipping Intro

Name the TV show from the first and last season of its theme song audio.

Antonyms Attract

Name the two semantically opposed pop culture titles being described.

Broadway Video

Questions about the movies and TV shows produced by Lorne Michaels.

The 5-O

Pop culture questions whose answers are 5 letters long, and end in the letter "O."

Life Cereal

Questions about pop culture serial killers.

The Riddle

An accomplished musician has demons within

You might find her waving a stick in Berlin

Whether real or not real, her fame's doomed to fail

But at least we're all sure her apartment's for sale


In the 2022 film Tár, Cate Blanchett plays venerated conductor/composer Lydia Tár, who during the film is the principal conductor for the prestigious Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Due to bad behavior and abuse committed in her personal life, the film chronicles the unraveling of her success and reputation. It has been noted that many have watched the movie and assumed Lydia Tár was a real person and the film was a biopic, only realizing later that it was purely fictional. In the film, when at a low point, Lydia improvises a very loud, obnoxious song called "Apartment For Sale" that she sings and plays on her accordion.

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Episode Notes

The Tracer Bullet scorebreak: Bullet. Tracer Bullet. What people call me is something else again. I’m a private eye. It says so on the door. [8/10: Tracer Bullet is no Spaceman Spiff, but it’s high-quality content anyway.]
The koff koff scorebreak. Koff koff I’m sure that doesn’t forebode anything. [6/10: Getting meta, are we?]