Click click click! Heat that sound?!? It can only be one thing: the ominous, predator clicking of the Yautja. What’s a Yautja, you ask? It’s the fancy name for the deadly alien species known to moviegoers as the Predator! Yeah, you probably thought you were cool for knowing the term Xenomorph, didn’t you? Well now the Yautja has come to let you know your pop culture vocabulary isn’t QUITE as good as you thought it was. Anyhoo, Dan cooked up some VERY silly ideas for ways in which Predators could end up in other pop culture properties, then Dave (no, not that Dave), Jess, and Nick had a good time coming up with their very silly titles. Round two is an audio extravaganza that looks at the vanity cartoon projects of several celebrities over the years, in case you were worried that that Predator game wasn’t dumb enough. Also, there’s a lightning round, as though that would surprise any of you.

Quizzes Played

All You Can Eat

Which champion is the saddest about the demise of the buffet chain Souplantation aka Sweet Tomatoes?

Get to the Choppa

Identify the pop culture property the Yautjas of the Predator franchise are invading.

Kids Love 'Em

Name the celebrity turned into the subject of their own cartoon show.

Something New

Pop culture questions about Fall 2022.

Something Blue

Questions about the non-Blue Bloods roles of the cast of Blue Bloods.

Something Borrowed

Questions about footage from TV shows and movies that was re-used in later projects.

The Riddle

Roommates decide to make a movie,

But the resulting tensions are far from groovy.

A nice moment interrupted by Jason Mewes,

It was retconned to be one of the Askews.


In Kevin Smith's 2008 movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno, roommates Zack and Miri do what the title says, but this brings up all sorts of tensions and jealousies that they had been avoiding. One of the sweetest moments in the film is interrupted by a scene of full frontal nudity from Jason Mewes. Originally, it was supposed to be outside of Smith's "View Askewniverse" of films with related characters, but was retconned into the universe when Justin Long's character showed up in a later Smith film alongside Jay and Silent Bob.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Clash at Demonhead Scorebreak. The Clash at Demonhead: I have a jetpack, and can swim in lava? This is amazing! Wait, what do you mean that the solutions to puzzles are all randomly generated? Why would Scott Pilgrim like this game? [8/10 Did not realize that this was an actual game]
The Drizzt Doโ€™Urden. Drizzt Doโ€™Urden: Heโ€™s a ranger, and like all dark and cool and stuff, and he has two swords and a panther and all the girls like him, but heโ€™s just too dark and in book 16, he, wait where is everyone going? [1/10: Why you trying to get people mad at me?]