Click click click! Heat that sound?!? It can only be one thing: the ominous, predator clicking of the Yautja. What’s a Yautja, you ask? It’s the fancy name for the deadly alien species known to moviegoers as the Predator! Yeah, you probably thought you were cool for knowing the term Xenomorph, didn’t you? Well now the Yautja has come to let you know your pop culture vocabulary isn’t QUITE as good as you thought it was. Anyhoo, Dan cooked up some VERY silly ideas for ways in which Predators could end up in other pop culture properties, then Dave (no, not that Dave), Jess, and Nick had a good time coming up with their very silly titles. Round two is an audio extravaganza that looks at the vanity cartoon projects of several celebrities over the years, in case you were worried that that Predator game wasn’t dumb enough. Also, there’s a lightning round, as though that would surprise any of you.

Match Info

S08.E06: Genesis Division 2nd Eliminations
February 13, 2023