in an effort to appeal to a younger crowd, this episode description is being presented without capital letters, since it seems like every musician under the age of twenty-seven refuses to use capital letters in their song or album titles. bully for them. in this episode, we’ve got a pop culture trivia challenge about instances where character changed jobs from one instance of a pop culture property to another before we get really multiversal in round two. but it’s only in this timeline that we arrive at the lightning round in which a new winner is crowned for another week!

Quizzes Played

Freeze! Everybody Clap Your Hands!

Who's going to be the best hired party-starter at the Bar Mitzvah?

It's A Living

Name the pop culture character from a list of their varied careers over multiple portrayals.

Multiversal Incursions

Name the movie or TV show featuring multiverses and/or alternative timelines.

Big Ideas, Short Runs

Questions about science fiction TV shows that only lasted one season.

Do They Do Their Own Singing?

Questions about onscreen portrayals of real life musicians.

Serkis Acts

Questions about the life and career of Andy Serkis

The Riddle

There's zombies, then cops, then a sci-fi invasion.

One director, two stars all complete the equation.

A triptych of movies, each stands on its own.

And watch for the name brand when you see a cone.


The three films in Edgar Wright's unofficial Three Flavors Cornetto movie trilogy are Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End, which riff on zombie, action/cop, and alien invasion movies. All three are directed by Edgar Wright, and star both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. While it is a trilogy, there is no formal continuity between them, and any actors who appear in multiple films are playing different characters each time. The recurring image that lends its name to the trilogy is Cornetto Ice Cream Cones, a different flavor of which pops up in each installment.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Westworld 2000 Scorebreak. Westworld 2000: How does a first person shooter from 1996 have a plot that makes more sense than a TV show? [5/10 Where do you people find these things?]
The Drama Scorebreak: Drama does anyone else really want to actually see Moon over Mississippi? [7/10: Hey, Drama! The kids love that one!]
Ben says, “I don’t have an online plug or socials to send people, but I'd like to plug everyone to join or form a union at their workplace!”