Scramble your eggs and toss your salads for another week here on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show! Three returning contestants from seasons and specials past face off in challenges about young and old portrayals of the same character in round one, before seeing how well they can remember who played Frasier Crane’s love interests across the run of the series (with a NEAR special guests appearance on the show from one of the actresses in a question!). Will season one champion Ilan continue his streak? Will season one returner (and genuine TV star) Sarah Baker advance to the next round? Or will our newest librarian friend Kendal (from our bookish special) turn the page to victory?

Quizzes Played

Let The Wookiee Win

Who's going to beat the Wookiee in a game of Dejarik, aka Holographic chess?

Cat's In The Cradle

Name the movie from the two actors playing the same role at different ages.

Frasier Crane, Heal Thyself

Identify the actress who played a love interest on Frasier from descriptions of another role of theirs.

Bowling For Soup's Biggest Hit

Pop culture questions featuring answers from the lyrics of Bowling For Soup's 2004 hit, "1985."

Finding Love In The New Millennium

Questions about romantic comedies released between 2000 and 2009.

57 Photographs, 9 Waxworks And No Jesus

Questions about figures depicted on the cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Riddle

A native hero long before it was cool,

One version had him studying in high school.

In the 50s, he was the son of stone,

But it's from video games that he's best known.


Turok debuted as a Navajo warrior fighting dinosaurs in a "Land of the Lost" scenario in 1950s comics, under the title Turok, Son of Stone. He was brought back to comics by Valiant in the 90s, where he was the star of a series of successful video games. This led to several attempted revivals of the comic, including a 90s version that had the main character as a high school student in the present day.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Last Shark Scorebreak. The Last Shark: it’s like Jaws, but Italian, with a windsurfing regatta! And Vic Morrow! [6/10: Mamma Mia!]
The Tomb of Horrors scorebreak. The Tomb of Horrors: no, Mr. Bard, I expect you to die. [7/10: Niche content, but I’m here for it.]