The 90s are back or whatever! At least they are in round one as Bobby, Bailey, and Jen attempt to identify classic jams from the 90s from one-second clips of their instrumental interludes. Sound difficult? It is! Things take a turn in round two as we tell our players how to get to Sesame Street, quizzing them on properties that have been parodied in the show’s “Monsterpiece Theater” segment. And of course, anything can happen (and we can confirm that anything DOES happen) in the lightning round. With this episode, the lineup for the season eight playoffs are set, so the competition only gets hotter from here!

Quizzes Played

Hi Hungry. I'm Dad.

Who tells the best dad jokes?

Tiny Tunes From The 90S

Identify the hit single from the 1990s from a one second clip of an iconic non-vocal segment.

Alastair Cookie Presents

Name the pop culture property Sesame Street is riffing off from a brief description of the segment.

The Sound Of A Diorama

Questions about music featured in Wes Anderson movies.

Look For The Union Label

Questions about labor unions in TV and movies.

Too Cheap For Theaters

Questions about direct-to-video Disney sequels.

The Riddle

Mostly unaired, but all on DVD,

This retail worker has a high class degree.

She hears from animals all over the store,

Is it magic or madness, we're never quite sure.


Fox's short-lived series Wonderfalls was cancelled after just four episodes aired, though the entire 13 episode run was eventually released on DVD. The show centers on Jaye, who has an Ivy League philosophy degree, and works in a souvenir shop near Niagara Falls, where various animal tchotchkes start talking to her, directing her to do various things that wind up indirectly helping those around her. It could be magic; it could be that she's having mental issues - the showdidn't stick around long enough to explain.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Spin Doctors have a surprisingly healthy relationship with having been famous in the 90s.
The Letterkenny scorebreak. [Please read like the Law and Order intro] Letterkenny: There is a small town of 5000 people in midwestern Ontario called Letterkenny. It consists of hicks, skids, hockey players, and Christians. These are their problems. Duh Duh. [10/10: No notes.]
The New Kirby Game Scorebreak: The New Kirby Game. I donโ€™t trust that boy. You see what he done did? That boy done ate a car. Canโ€™t trust no one what done ate a car. [3/10: This is a meme or something, right?]