No doubt lots of stuff happens in this episode. Maybe someone cops to murdering someone having just been fooled that they have an incurable rash. Maybe a new delicious drink involving yams is pitched, patented and sold within the runtime of this episode. Who’s to say? Not Taylor, who forgot to write the copy for this episode, that’s for sure.

Quizzes Played

Nothing's Gonna Stop Her Now

Which champion is going to write the best Academy Award nominated-song from a movie that no one's ever heard of?

Card-Carrying Memoirs

Identify the celebrity from the title of their memoirs.

Illegitimate Theater

Name the film or TV show from a description of the fictional musical within it.

Graduating To A New Leaf

Questions about Mike Nichols and Elaine May.

Breaking Wind

Questions about saxophones in pop culture.


TV with titles that begin with the pronoun "I".

The Riddle

A musical sequel delivered ten years later.

With flashbacks, the cast count grew greater.

The original's headliner was filming "The Post,"

And in the end appears as a ghost.

Dispensing with the first movie's dad-guessing game,

The surprise now is Señor Cinfuegos' first name.


While the jukebox stage musical Mamma Mia! never had a sequel, the succes of the 2008 movie yield a sequel-prequel combo in 2018. Because of the extensive flashbacks to the younger versions of the characters from the first, the cast nearly doubles in size in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Meryl Streep's "Donna" is dead at the start of this movie, and Meryl only cameos at the end to sing a maternal ghost-duet with Amanda Seyfried. Part of the reson for her character's absence has to do with with Meryl Streep's compressed filming timeline for Steven Spielberg's The Post (2017). While the "who is my dad?" element of the story from the first film is largely absent from the thrust of the sequel, there are still surprises of identity to be had, notably when we learn that Andy Garcia's Señor Cinfuegos is somehow named Fernando, leading to a performance of, you guessed it, ABBA's "Fernando."

Match Results

Episode Notes

Turning on the News at the Exact Moment the Plot-Relevant Story Begins. Turning on the News at the Exact Moment the Plot-Relevant Story Begins— keeping exposition streamlined since 1926! [7/10: Wait, there’s one of these from 1926? And I haven’t seen it?]
The Nintendo GameCube score break. The Nintendo GameCube: Nintendo's hot new console in stores now! Due to scheduling conflicts, this message was delayed by 21 years. Our apologies. [2/10: Sega Saturn forever.]