The season eight playoffs continue with the final match in the Altair IV Division. We love us some adaptations, so we start round one by quizzing our returning players Ilan, Gal, and Mike about book-to-screen adaptations that changed their titles. Then, things get wild in round two as we return to the world of very real, but thankfully forgotten movie sequels. The lightning round caps it all off, as one player heads to the season finale!

Quizzes Played

Waiting For Jackie Chan

Which champion is most likely to be cast in an upcoming sequel in the Expendables franchise?

Title Bouts

Identify the film or TV show that changed its title when adapted from the book source material.

Forgotten Sequels 2: The Quickening

Name the original film from a description of one of its forgotten sequels.


Questions about the roles of actor Keri Russell.


Questions about TV and movies filmed in or around Charlotte, North Carolina.


Questions about cop procedurals with all their Miranda warnings.

The Riddle

A tale of a boy with no fears,

And a quest for a mother's warm tears,

The ending, so strange,

Under a ferris wheel he gets changed,

With beings not of this world, it appears.


A.I. Artificial Intelligence involves a robot who wants to be human, and reunite with a mother figure. At the end, he gets his wish for one day with her, after being trapped under the Coney Island Ferris Wheel, and awakened by... aliens? Futuristic robots? Definitely something otherworldly.

Match Results

Episode Notes

Russ Meyer’s Vixen scorebreak. Russ Meyer’s Vixen: I don’t care what Roger Ebert thinks, that is not appropriate behavior for a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. [7/10: Agreed.]
The Joe Millionaire season 3 scorebreak. Joe Millionaire season 3: Look, I know we’re bringing back every moderately successful show from 20 years ago, but do we have to bring back every moderately successful show from 20 years ago? [2/10: Downgraded for alerting me to the existence of Joe Millionaire season 3.]