Once again, we’re arrived at the season finale. Will Ilan take his second crown, or will Keegan or Abhi upset the returning champion? To answer that, we’ll need to start at the beginning, so it makes sense that we start round one with a game all about TV and movie prequels, put through the lens of a certain iconic butler. Then, it’s the big game in round two where we’ll identify not only some TV theme songs, but the other works of the iconic musicians responsible for them. And course, a lightning round!

Quizzes Played

Not the Chicago Beef Show

Who is going to survive an attack from a bear on cocaine?

The Origin Of This Round Of Trivia

Identify the pop culture property from its new "Pennyworthenized" subtitle.

Thematic Analysis

Name the TV show and musical artist from a brief audio snippet of a show theme and another song by the same artist.

Don'tcha Know

Questions about Minnesota in popular culture.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Iced

Action TV and movies with female leads.

He Killed Mozart

Questions about movies and TV shows with F. Murray Abraham.

The Riddle

A laughable meathead's been falsely accused

A fake documentary with, true crime infused.

Two nerds have a humble entreaty:

Who's behind all that phallic graffiti?


The central figure in the first season of Netflix's true crime spoof series American Vandal is school dunderhead Dylan Maxwell (played by Jimmy Tatro) who has been accused of spraypainting teacher's cars with phallic imagery. Peter and Sam are the in-universe creators of that fake documentary, who occasionalyl find thsemvles as part of the story in their investigation to discover "who did the dicks."

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Mother Pheasant Plucker Scorebreak. I'm a mother pheasant plucker. I pluck mother pheasants. I'm the most Pleasant mother pheasant plucker that's ever plucked mother pheasants. [2/10: Are we back to this again?]
The Roar scorebreak: Roar: the Shaun Cassidy series that’s the Achilles heel of anyone doing a complete Heath Ledger watch through. Did we ever find out what the "roar" actually was? [7/10: Never heard of this, somehow, but it also has Keri Russell and Vera Farmigia. Huh.]