The streak of returning players continues as the Gizmonic Institute Division kicks off with Fanny, Cate, and Kiiva. A quotable round one messes with some iconic movie lines before we take a mystical dive into round two with trivia about pop culture-inspired Tarot card decks. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of real weird ones. It’s all capped off with a lightning round.

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Quizzes Played

Shell Game

Who is going to win a real life game of Mario Kart?

Fine Delivery

From context clues, give the movie quote with one words switched out for another rhyming word.

The Answers Are In The Cards

Identify the pop culture property from descriptions of their licensed tarot cards.

Pocket Rockers

Questions about the songs and artists available for the 80s Fisher Price music system "Pocket Rockers."

Kind Of Like This One Guy With Long Hair And Crazy Ideas About Peace And Love

Questions about pop culture figures with the initials "JC."

Hollywood's New Vandalism

Questions about movies colorized by Turner Entertainment.

The Riddle

From Bay Area Workshops,

Just brimming with props,

In theory science lessons they taught.

Proving claims to be flops,

But they mostly blew up things. A lot.


The Discovery Channel program Mythbusters, was filmed largely in two Bay Area warehouses (one for Adam and Jamie, and one for the assistant crew). The primary warehouse, owned by Jamie Hyneman, was filled with various parts and props from his commercial and special effect work. The show was theoretically about science, engineering and critical thinking, "busting" implausible claims, but they tended to end things with a bang.

Episode Notes

The fridge alert scorebreak: The fridge alert. It’ll let you know if William Conrad is stealing your food. Who’s going to need this thing, Quinn Martin? And he’s dead! [8/10: I get it. Cause of the First Alert commercials.]
The Daktari Stool scorebreak. The Daktari stool: Somehow not the most befuddling thing about Mitchell. [4/10: Is a Daktari one of those black and white guys from Star Trek? What the heck is this?]