Summer is here! Before season four gets into full swing, we’re celebrating the summertime movies season with an episode all about summer blockbusters. Returning season one champion Ilan takes on two eager new players, Lynn and Vandy, with some trivia about the big budget releases from May to August. Round one features excerpts of novelizations of big blockbusters, while round two has the players identify a movie from its deeper supporting cast. It all caps off with a time traveling lightning round.

Quizzes Played

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Who would best elude a killer robot sent from the future to murder them?

A Novel Approach

Identify the blockbuster from an excerpt of its novelization.

I Know What You All Did Last Summer

Given up to three supporting actors, name the blockbuster.

Killer Robot Arnold Schwarzenegger

Questions about summer blockbusters of the 1980s.

Killer Robot Robert Patrick

Questions about summer blockbusters of the 1990s.

Killer Robot Kristanna Loken

Questions about summer blockbusters of the 1980s.

The Riddle

A long delayed sequel with one more dimension,

Plus thousands more creatures to rack up the tension

A good outboard motor will start laying waste,

Though that opening cameo's a wee bit misplaced.


The third entry in the Piranha series, released in 3D, came out in 2010, 29 years after James Cameron's Piranha 2: The Spawning. I guess as some sort of troll on Cameron's recent obsessions? This installment features a lot more fish than the first two. In the movie, Ving Rhames takes down a LOT of piranhas by shredding them with an propellor of an outboard motor. The opening scene of the movie features Richard Dreyfuss in some sort of misbegottenn homage to Jaws.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Swedish Chef's Human Hands Scorebreak. The Swedish Chef's Human Hands: because you need that real human touch to murder sentient, talking vegetables
The Yippie-ki-Yay Mister Falcon scorebreak: For when you want to watch people being brutally gunned to death without offending your sensitive ears