Two returning faves and one new challenger join us for our first ever December holiday special episode! Amanda, Gerald, and Megan have decked our halls with holiday trivia goodness. Round one kicks it off with identifying fictional holidays from TV shows and specials, before we pile on the legal jargon for our favorite big Christmas movies, inspired by the mumbo jumbo in The Santa Clause. Then we really ring in the season with a fun crop of lightning round topics!

Quizzes Played

All The Trimmings

Who is going to best decorate their Christmas tree?

Have it Yule Way

Name the TV show from its fake holiday.

The Santa Clauses

Identify the holiday movie from a legal contract explaining some of its plot points.

The Chosen Category

Questions about Hanukkah in pop culture.


Questions about December holiday music.

The Age Old Debate

Movies set at, but not really about, Christmas.

The Riddle

A place for some objects who've never felt love.

Look out for the lion who's flying above.

The Jack is named Charlie, it's rather absurd.

Especially the cowboy who's riding a bird.


In the 1964 TV special Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon Cornelius travel to the <>Island of Misfit Toys, full of flawed yet lovable Christmas toys who have no homes with children. The island is ruled over by a flying lion named "King Moonracer." Denizens include a Jack-In-The-Box named Charlie and a cowboy that rides an ostrich.

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