We’re on a break between seasons for a special episode featuring three fine folks from Letterboxd.com, the social media site for people who love watching movies. Mitchell Beaupre, Mia Vicino, and the inimitable Slim joined us for some games celebrating the few movies of 2022 that don’t have rhymes in their titles, and lightning rounds in the coolest*, hippest†, movie categories you can think of. Are these movie-savvy Letterboxers up to the challenge? Listen and find out! *not cool †not hip

Quizzes Played

Forming a Queue

Which champion has the most unwatched movies sitting in their Letterboxd watchlist?

Movie Movie, Title's Groovy

Name the 2022 movie release from a plot summary that follows the scansion of "Lyle Lyle Crocodile."

Physically Meatier

Name the top 40 Letterboxd-rated movie from descriptions of its physical media extras.

The Penultimate Real Summer

Questions about the movies of summer 2018.

His Husband Lives In A Van Down By The River

Questions about actor Lee Pace.

Body Positivity

Questions about the films of David Cronenberg.

The Riddle

A beloved canine character, of unfamilair breeds.

He's been to kindergarten, had a job, and done good deeds.

His color and his size, they both distinguish him, of course.

Plus, Emily Elizabeth can ride him like a horse.


Clifford the Big Red Dog is a long-running character from a series of children's books by Norman Birdwell that have had both TV and film adaptations. Books in the series include Clifford Goes to Kindergarten, Clifford Gets A Job, and Clifford's Good Deeds. He's big. And red. Most dogs are not red. Many dogs are big, but none as big as Clifford. His owner is named Emily Elizabeth, who often rides Clifford like a horse.

Episode Notes

The Myra Breckinridge Scorebreak. Myra Breckinridge: so that’s why we didn’t get any more Gore Vidal adaptations. [4/10: I guess we’re just forgetting about Caligula? Sounds like a plan.]
The Dainty June and Louise scorebreak. Dainty June and Louise because Momma gets married, and married, and married, and never gets carried away. [2/10: Love the show, just wish it had a different title.]