We’re between seasons this week, so we are welcoming three special guests from the Maximum Film podcast on the Maximum Fun network. Comedian Ify Nwadiwe, festival programmer Drea Clark, and critic Alonso Duralde join us for movie trivia about titles appearing in dialogue, and an exploration of the shared DNA of “cousin movies” with a salute to the hyper-specific movie lists from all the weirdo-geniuses on letterboxd. And as always, it all comes down to the lightning round! Thanks again to our special guests! Have a podcast whose hosts you’d love to see compete on our show? Check out our Dream Team page to make a suggestion and forge a connection!

Quizzes Played

Breaking Away

Which champion is going to win the bike race?

Drop It Like It's Hot

Identify the movie from an audio clip of dialogue that leads right up to the actual movie title.

Cousin Movies

Name the two movies with oddly specific similarities from a description of their common traits.

What's Good?

Questions about movies with "good" in its title.

Countdown to Christmas

Questions about Hallmark Christmas movies.

I Understand It's Big in France

Questions about the winners of the Cannes Palm D'Or.

The Riddle

A future projection whose year's now has passed.

The millenial countdown's crowds have amassed.

In order to find out just what those cops did,

They'll relive some memories using a squid.


The 1995 movie Strange Days takes place on New Years Eve 1999, though it includes technology that still hasn't been developed as of 2022. The "SQID" helmets they use in the movie, which allow people to record and play back their own experiences, is key in recording the murder of "Jeriko One" which leads the lead characters to finding the real culprits.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Wisdom of Ted Lasso Scorebreak. The Wisdom of Ted Lasso: 'Early drinkin’ means quick drunken’ [I love the Tad Lasso, but feels incomplete. 5/10]
The backlash to the Wisdom of Ted Lasso Scorebreak Scorebreak. This was inevitable, guys. [There it is. 8/10]